Music 1's alt-algorithm delivers radio's most reliable category rotations and song spins. With the traditional music scheduling algorithm; the software schedules the log, then the music director edits it. Music 1 was designed for inter-active editing; the music director edits during the scheduling run. M1 can also schedule the traditional way. And it also provides an alternative, hybrid scheduling functionality that combines the best of both algorithms. Superior music flow comes with ease and efficiency.

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Veteran music radio programmer Steve Warren developed a new music scheduling algorithm. He called it interactive editing. Playlist edits are made during the scheduling run rather than afterward as is the traditional music scheduling system.  Music 1's alt-algorithm can be enabled for dual functionality. The scheduler selects and fills all slots with songs, observing the user's formatting rules hierarchy, but also pausing for an interactive edit only for the music director's unbreakable rules.

M1's hybrid application is a mature and robust system for scheduling content. It does everything a broadcaster needs quickly and accurately and with unmatched efficiency.



Music 1 is simpler and less complex, yet it delivers industry-leading category rotational accuracy, music flow precision and song spin consistency.

Music 1 pays immediate dividends with lower cost and increased efficiency. Switching from another software to M1 often frees up as much as seven hours' worktime each week.

 M1 adopters discover the learning curve is low for a professional content management tool of this class. And they are deeply satisfied with the reclaimed weekly hours of labor that can then be applied to other important tasks within the station.  



A radio first:  Traffic & billing and music scheduling together in one tightly integrated package. 

Traffecta is easy to learn and master. Order entry is simple and flexible. Spots can be assigned for plays per daypart, day, week or month all from a single screen.  Sponsorships with openers, closers and multiple spots within the program are entered with a few preference clicks. Proper spread is given to all orders.  Spots do not 'cluster-schedule in the same time frames unless you specify it do so. Easy entry of filler and bonus spots on the original full order.

Traffecta manages cash and trade accounts, finance charges and full set of account and invoice adjustments. Prints invoices, affidavits and statements.