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The Programming Operations Manual

A lot of M1 users are aware of my extensive career in this business and a whole bunch more radio guys know my name because several thousand of them bought my book.  I published my Ops/Manual at the start of my programming consulting career in the middle 80’s. It was first a way to inform and train my own air-staffs. All of those memos and instructions, compiled into book form became a way to convince a station manager that this guy from afar might be able to coach a better radio station out of his air staff. I sold it for $99 and the wife, daughter and I hand-mailed a few hundred of them each year for a couple of decades before I pulled it from the market. It has long needed updating and I haven’t found time to do it.  So, now I’ve made it available for free in its mostly original text your your perusal in GoogleDoc form. This is posted on my little-used personal blog.  Click this link: The Programming Operations Manual