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The DAX system in the UK and EU

Internet Radio Monitization

I've been wondering why nobody's done it before now. Well, that's not quite right; there have been a few failed attempts. It's always been obvious that we ought to aggregate internet streams into one big "network" for advertisers. If it costs an advertiser $25 to put his message into the ears of one thousand radio listeners in a medium size US broadcast market today, why is it the best an internet station can get is maybe a buck-fifty for a thousand impressions?  

The other side of that problematic coin is that even if an internet radio station can deliver 10,000 impressions a month, the station can't get in the door at any ad agency; not by its lonesome self, for sure.  The DAX system launched in about nine yers ago by a European company named Global.  Digital Advertising Xchange, DAX inserts ads into the Global stations' broadcasts and streams.  Recently a company in the UK named LocalRadioSupport hooked up with the DAX system and it looks like a very promising development.  I hope some company in the USA is working on one like it.

Here's Local Radio Support's page about it.

PlayoutONE and MusicOne now have the funcionality to format DAX inserts into a broadcast or internet stream.  Here is a page on our TrafficOne blog showing how to set it up.