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M1 Blog Archives & TrafficONE Blog Update

Now that it’s done, I’m kicking myself for not doing it long ago. There’s a new Archives page one the Music 1 blog. It is linked in the navigation menu at the top of this page and lists every posting on this blog since it’s beginning in ’09.  Usually, the quickest way to find an answer to your M1 question is to type a word or two into the Search field.  But I encourage you to scan down the list.  I did and saw some stuff there that even I’d forgotten about.  Eyeball the Archives page and you may find some new ideas or answers to questions you just haven’t gotten around to asking. There is also a new archives page on the TrafficONE blog.  The first broadcast of a new T1 blog post went out last week and if your station is using our traffic-and-billing application, you or your Traffic Director should have been on the list to receive it.  If, you can click the subscribe button when you are on the T1 page. And, once I got going with the widget, added an Archive page to my personal blog, too. I’ve not put much content on that site since I wound down my programming consulting activities a few years into this new century. But, then again, I’ve never stopped being a consultant. I’m still answering questions and giving requested opinions about the craft of music radio to radio folks all over the planet on a regular basis. I intend to carve out time to post more of my radio programming stuff there. You can subscribe to that one, if you want. steve ///////////////