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A New Site for TrafficONE

We’ve now launched a separate website for our traffic & billing application. For those who don’t already know, our Traffecta has been been given a new name to match MusicONE and our close companion automation system, PlayoutONE.  The triad of M1/P1/T1 is a tightly integrated suite of applications.  Add a new song, bumper, jingle, promo, etc. into PlayoutONE and immediately appears in MusicONE. Import a new commercial into P1 and it is automatically imported into TrafficONE. TrafficONE can be enabled within M1 Pro and both applications are managed and scheduled from one database. TrafficONE is also available as a stand-alone application and works smoothly with other radio software. With a unified, both-in-one database, when a new schedule is loaded we click the button to schedule music, then, click it again to schedule the spots. Or, schedule the ads first, then schedule music later. When requested, we provide separate databases, one for music and one for traffic & billing.  The finished logs for the new day can then be merged in the normal manner either by your automation system or by M1 itself. The new TrafficONE site has the orientation and tutorial videos, plus the QuickStart document and the full User Manual. If you look it over and want to talk about adding T1 to your tool-chest, contact me at the MusicONE office. Click here to the TrafficONE website.