The Traffic & Billing solution from Music 1
Fully Automatic / Highly Interactive

Music 1 always has had the ability to import an advertising schedule from commercial traffic & billing software, then deliver a fully merged log file (all music and commercials) to the automation/playout system.

Version 7 now has its own optional, built-in Traffic/Billing module. This is a first in the field, a fully integrated, stand-alone application that does it all. In addition to scheduling the music, liners, voice tracks, jingles and long-form programs, with the Traffic module enabled, Version 7 also schedules all the advertising, does the billing and invoicing and prints affidavits.

We are offering exceptionally low introductory rates for this new does-it-all package. Contact Steve Warren at the M1 office to discuss options and pricing.

Precise and flexible spot ordering

  • Specify plays per day & day part, or total plays per week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or month. Standard or broadcast calendar.
  • Easily specify any play pattern throughout order period. Alternating weeks, or different on any day.
  • Charge per play, or per day, week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or month.
  • Enter custom charge or use standard charge table based on spot type, length and day part.
  • Enter a sponsorship spot with an opener, closer the same way as other spots.
  • Extend or curtail an order without re-entering it and losing critical play and account history.
  • Unlimited number and types of items per order.
  • Supports co-op and agency orders.
  • Templates reduce entry time for orders of your typical spot packages.

Multi-pass scheduler

  • Scheduler finishes in seconds, enforcing all traffic rules and moving / swapping spots to achieve maximum possible separation per order, virtually eliminating the need for manual editing. Spots play in a different pattern on each day whenever possible.
  • Manual editing is simplified with powerful editing functions–all supported by 20 levels of undo / redo.
  • Automatically fills required breaks with spots and optional promos.
  • Optional automatic liner insertion before last spot in break.
  • In seconds, the avails report counts avails per day and per day part in each of up to 120 future days. It also counts the number of plays that can be scheduled of a new prospective spot.

Integrated billing and reporting

  • Supports cash / trade payments and balances, finance charges, and a full set of account and invoice adjustments.
  • Undo any adjustment.
  • Adjust an invoice after it has been issued, after it has been paid, even after finance charges have been applied, and Traffecta will automatically issue the correct credit, if any, to the customer’s account, and debits, to the agency / account rep balances.
  • Payments, pre-payments, and payments from pre-payment / over-payment are entered through the same window for cash and trade.
  • Print invoices, affidavits, account statements, and summary statements by account type.
    Customizable invoice and statement styles.