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Links to the A.I. Toys


ElevenLabs and Suno

In my recent posts I've had examples of A.I. created jingles and my voice replicant. That was was made at Here is a link to the site.     

The jingle came from the 'make a song about anything' site and here is a link.

I've not put any time into the voice generator myself, but I did toy around with Suno. I asked it to make me an a-capella jingle for "Magic 96" that I could drop over song intros. Thats all I wanted, just three or four voices singing those five syllables. "Magic Ninty Six".  I could not get Suno to do it for me; it kept writiing me songs about Magic 96. I spent only about 15 minutes with it, however so maybe it is possible.  If you get entranced with it and find the magic phrases and instructions to sing call-letters or station brand names, let me know.