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Twelve Minutes with Lee Abrams

Lee Abrams was a major force in the music radio business before his 20th birthday.  The Progressive Rock  (aka: Album Rock) format was born in San Francisco about ’67 or so.  It was near-totally free form for its first six years or so.  In the early 70’s young Lee conceived a format that was soon known as “Superstars” and suddenly he was guiding dozens of stations in nearly every major US market. What he did was give the nescient FM Rock radio landscape discipline, careful and astute promotion and marketing and the absolute best music selection and rotation blueprints. As a grown-up boy, he was a co-founder and architect of Sirius satellite radio’s many formats.  One thing I’ve always admired about him is how he studies and thinks about the audience, about listeners and how they use radio and relate to it.  Lee posted this dozen minutes not long ago. This presentation won’t shake your world, but it is the kind I’ve always found valuable.  We can always use more insight into those we want to seduce and hold as our listeners.  
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