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Radio Drops #8 - How to talk on the radio - pt.2

The Three Speaking Zones

Personal: Your listener is three to ten feet away.You speak with a comfortable volume.
Public: Your listener is on the other side of the room. Or, there are six or a dozen people in the room. You speak louder.
Intimate: Your listener is very, very close and what you are saying is private. 

Two Examples: One Personal, One Public

Here are a couple of YouTubes with short airchecks of two of the top West Coast DJ's from long ago, both on the same station here. Both guys are very quick in delivery, but Humble Harve was a 'personal zone' DJ. The Real Don Steele delivered his raps in the "public zone" his entire career, and nobody pulled it off better than he.

Link to Humble Harve KRLA 1990

Link to The Real Don Steele KRLA 1990

Note: the Steele tape was, obviously, not a recorded on a normal day.  To hear Steele in his prime here's an aircheck from 1967.