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Radio Drops #5 - The A.I. Jingle

A.I. Voices Aren't Yet Human. Jingles are Close Enough.

We are all actors. Not just us media people, all humans are acting out their own lives. We behave differently and we talk differently depending on the situation. We never, ever talk 'perfectly'.  Yes, today's audio technician geek can replicate a person's voice well enough to fool 90% of people, but it still takes a lot of time to get it right. To do that in the long run, to have (say) a "live" DJ every day that regular listeners think is a human? I haven't heard it yet.  What happens when they learn they've been listening to an android? Are they going to feel duped? We'll soon find out.

The problem with creating a voice that will pass as human is the breath. That's how we can all tell the voice of a machine.  An A.I. doesn't breathe and if it don't breathe, it ain't alive!  Meanwhile on the production side of things, the new tool is getting amazing.  The radio manager in Oslo created this one evening in his home office, just messin' around.