PlayoutONE: Music 1's Best Mate

Music 1 works with every radio automation system in the world. It delivers system-specific playlists for the one you are now using. 

Our best mate is PlayoutONE, developed in the UK by RadioStationSolutions, Ltd. Their team developed two other radio playout systems before this one so they have deep experience in this field. The RSS team's plan was to have the best, most adept, easiest to understand, smoothest to operate playout system for internet radio.  It was released December 2015.

One of their foremost goals in building PlayoutONE was to have tight integration with Music 1.  Add a new audio track to PlayoutONE, it immediately comes into Music1. Edit a Title on a song card in Music1, it updates in PlayoutONE. The Music 1 scheduler tells PlayoutONE when to switch to a satellite or stream feed, when to do a time update. 

PlayoutONE has so many advanced, professional grade functions, it is now rapidly gaining new customers in terrestrial broadcast radio stations, replacing automation systems costing many thousands of dollars more.


Compatible with PlayoutONE

Running radio's most advanced scheduling algorithm, Music1 Pro delivers flawless rotations for every song in each category with little or no editing required, without rule violations or unscheduled slots. It is amazingly great.

An advanced scheduling tool for webcasters. It is based on the Music1 Pro algorithm and has much of the look-and-feel of our most advanced software.