How can I get M1 to schedule the whole day without stopping for rule violations?

To schedule in Automatic, load a schedule, open the menu  Rules>Enforcement...and you'll see you can click to Automaticscheduling mode.

Be aware, though, I don't like the auto-schedule function because, of necessity, M1 will then be forced to schedule some slots with songs that violate some of your formatting rules.  Anything scheduled in violation of a rule will then be displayed with RED font for the title/artist.  You can then scroll thru the day and click on the red-font songs, and down at the bottom of the screen, it'll display the title and the Violation.   Also, you can switch to the Log/List view of the schedule and have a Violations column and more quickly see what rules were violated.  After the day is scheduled, you can then scroll thru the hours and spot the violations and make adjustments where you see things you don't want to live with.