Network Yourself

Network or home station schedules the m;usic and delivers a playlisst.  The playlist is sent to affiliat stations.  All affiliates schedule their own local commercial content, jingles, imaging, etc.  Their M1 tghenb imports the music schedule and seamlesslyh mergest it into the the local schedule. The network can schedule imaging, jingles and other content which can be filtered out of the schedule at the affiliates option.  When the music schedule includes jingles, voice tracks and PSA's, Station A could choose to import only the jingles and PSA's.  Station B might choose th import imaging and PSA's; Station C might opt to import all of the scheduled content from music playlist.  Up to 15 "types" of content can be defined and then filtered to local station preferences.

The Affiliate's Music 1 seamlessly merges the newdork and local content and delivers the final playlist to playout/automation.