I've got SAM but if I get MediaMonkey will I need a string path for it to communicate with M1?

If you have your SAM and the audio files you stream are on a different machine, then install MediaMonkey on that machine.   if M1 and SAM are on the same machine, put MMonkey on that one.... you can tell MMonkey which folders to scan....just have it scan your station stream folders only. otherwise it'll get every audio file on the machine, including the Windows blips and beeps and stuff. if SAM and MMonkey are on a different machine from M1, after you've scanned and exported the .csv, just copy it to a flash drive and carry that to the M1 machine and you can have M1 import direct from the file on the flash.   then, every day when you finish your playlists you can carry them  (the .m3u's)  back to the SAM machine on the flash.  if SAM is on a different machine, when you import into M1, tell it to overwrite the CART field only....that's the field that goes into the .m3u for SAM...and that's the most important field on the Song card.  it absolutely positively has to be the exact drive\path\filename that SAM can see and play.

if SAM and M1 are on the SAME machine, then tell the import command to overwrite both the CART and the FILE field...that way you can click and here the songs from the M1 song cards.

the FILE field is used only by M1 for its click-and-hear internal auditioning player.  it is not critical that you have anything at all in the File field...you don't have to have the click-and-hear function, it's just handy.

also...if you do have a drive\path\file in the FILE field in M1 and there is pink-shading in the field, it means that the drive\path\file is not correct...M1 can't find and play the audio for that card.

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