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A Question about the Automatic Double-Shot Function

IF I were to show on any artist DOUBLE PLAY does that mean M1 “could” schedule a DOUBLE PLAY
on it’s own?. I think it does from what I read. So if I didn’t want ANY double plays unless I create it, I would show each or any artist WITHOUT a check in the DOUBLE PLAY BOX. Is that correct?  NO check means NO double plays allowed for that artist right?

if an artist is designated as a double-shot artist, yes M1 could then ignore the Artist Separation rule and let two-in-a-row schedule if it just happened to have the opportunity to do so. it would NOT go looking to do them. so, if a “new” song by an artist in the Current Hits category is scheduled at 1:15…and M1 is later scheduling the Oldies category and comes to an Oldie slot at 1:19, if a song by that same artist happens to be at the top of the stack, M1 will let it schedule there next to the one at 1:15.

this will only happen if you click the “Allow Double Shots” box on the Clock Rules screen. it is a clock-specific rule, too. and next to the box, you will see a box labeled “within…” so you can tell M1 to allow double-shots but one within X-amount of time. so if you put 90 minutes in the box, M1 would allow no more than one ‘automatic’ double-shot within any 90 minute window of time.

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