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Auto-Shut Down

If Music 1 is running and I leave my computer for a while, when I come down, M1 has closed.  How can I stop that from happening?

Well, first off it is generally not advisable to leave it running all the time.  If there is a power failure and the computer shuts off, or if someone comes to your machine and uses Task Manager to close M1, then it doesn't get to shut down properly.  When you re-start, you may find it asks for a re-activation code.  This happens when M1 isn't properly closed and doesn't get to put all it's little bits and bytes away properly.  If that happens, you'll have to call us for a re-activation number (or restore from a backup, but you'll likely lose a little work if you do that).

If you really don't want the Automatic Shutdown to do its thing, you can turn it off on the System Settings>Advanced tab.


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