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Multi-User Update

Multi-User mode is a function we developed as a work-around for stations that keep their M1 library database in some location other than the c:music 1  folder where it resides for most stations.  In the early days, when LAN wasn’t as reliable as it is today, someone working with Music 1 could have a problem when the network connection was lost. What we did was engineer our Multi-User mode. It was named that because it allowed users to have Music 1 itself installed on different workstations, each being able to access the database.

There are other posts on this blog that explain and demonstrate how to set it up.  Use the Search box on this page to read more about it and view the videos.  To find them, just search the word:  multi

With M1 Revision 617, we’ve made one minor, but important change in the system.  As users of the function know, when in Multi-user, the station’s database is copied from the network location to the local C so it can be super-fast and isn’t susceptible to the problems of an erratic network. The working copy of the database, when it was copied to the C-drive was always named:  LocalCopyTemp.m1

This was a problem for stations with two or more M1 licenses if someone tried to open two .m1 files at the same time on the same computer. There could only be one LocalCopyTemp file in the folder at one time. With Revision 617, the working copy now has the station name and the extension of .tmp  which allows those with multiple licenses to open two or more Music 1 library files on a single computer at the same time.


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