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Lost Database Recovery

Several times a year, we get an urgent call from a MusicONE user reporting that his database ‘has been deleted’.  That can be scary, but it can’t happen, M1 can not delete its own database. What can happen is your computer can lose its network connection and if your (station).m1 library file is on the network, MusicONE won’t have access to it. In that case, it will jump back to the default location to look for it. That default location is:  c:music 1  .  For M1 SE, it is c:music 1 se

The MusicONE installer includes one, sometimes two demo databases.  If either of those are opened, they will immediately state that the license has expired and to contact the M1 office for an update. That can trip you up if you don’t notice the database that is selected when you launch it. In the first screenshot below, M1 is looking to the default C-drive folder, where I have the databases of several stations.

(note: you can and should delete those demo databases from your Music 1 folder)


Now in the next screenshot, I’ve clicked the Network button and negotiated to the Dropbox folder where my own station’s database is kept.

Reminder:  If you are working with your .m1 database file kept on a network or in a cloud folder, then you must enable multi-user mode. Here are some posts on the blog about Multi-User Mode.

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