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Automatic Shut Down

I’ve upgraded to Version 7 now and sometimes when I come back into my office, the computer is telling me Music 1 has shut down due to inactivity. It never did that before. Is this a problem?

No, that’s a function we added to solve a problem some guys had. Several times over the years, when M1 was being run on a network with multiple computers having access to it, one guy might leave it running (the GM, let’s say), then lock his office and leave the station for the day.  The PD would then get ready to run a schedule and couldn’t get it started on his computer. It was say “Music 1 is already running with this database.” And the PD was dead in the water.  We put in the auto-shutdown function so the GM wouldn’t have to get out of bed and come back to the office (ha ha).

There were sometimes other problems with leaving M1 running on one machine, as well.  A few times over the years, the PD or MD had left it running over the weekend when the IT guy decided to do a hard-reboot on the machines.  Not having closed out properly, M1 might ask for a re-activation the next time the PD/MD started it up.

It’s always best to close M1 whenever you aren’t actually working with it.

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