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Song Swap and Move

When I’m editing a log, I want to flip a song with another song.  Is there a way to flip? Like pick one song- highlight and the next song you pick would flip with the last one?
Yes. See the screen shots below.  This only works in the clock view.  We’ll be adding the ability to do the same in the log/list view in Version 8 that is now in development. The other limitation here is that this ‘swap’ function only works within one hour.  You can’t swap a song in the 1pm hour with a song in the 2pm hour.  In that case, you’d drag the song in the 1pm hour down to the 2pm hour box at the bottom of the scheduling/editing window. When the 2pm hour box is highlighted, release the mouse button. The song will have been pasted to the end of the 2pm hour and you could then go there and drag it to the position in the hour where you want it to be.

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