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Log Dating Trick

I didn’t do logs over the weekend, so my logs stop on 5/08.  Now when I go to schedule, it picks up at 5/12.  Is there a way of going back to where i left off, so the next log M1 makes will be for 5/9?

……..you can trick it by scheduling as normal…saving the log that will be dated for the 12th.  then, close out the logs window and go into the Music 1 folder (usually on your C drive) and then into the Logs folder. there you see the logs for each day date/named like this: 20090508.log.   if you change that is:   20090512.log to:  20090509.log, then when you open M1 again and look at the logs folder, you then have a log for that date.  you can do this for the several days that you need.  now, if your going to schedule a “weekday”  but the ‘next’ log happens to be a weekend date and M1 starts to load the weekend Dayformat, you can just select the regular Weekday format instead, so’s you’ll get the correct clocks and rotations for the REAL day you are about to schedule.

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