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I haven't made a log for today (I used an older one), now I need to schedule a playlist for tomorrow, but M1 will only do one for today's date…

M1 always schedules the next date after the last date that it sees in the Log folder.   if the last date is not in the future...then it schedules for "today", whatever that is.

There is a way to work  around this....you could go ahead and run and save the schedule with "today's" date (using the Dayformat you need for the actual day the log is to be used)  then close the Log folder screen in M1.  You'll see a new log there with today's date.  Ggo to the Music 1 folder on the c-drive.   Open the Logs sub-folder and rename the file.  The file is always named like this:   20230627.log
if you rename to:  20230628.log  and then you go back to M1 and open the Logs screen, you'll see one for the 28th.  At that point, you click the "export to automation" button and it'll make a playlist file for your  automation system and will date it properly

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