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Title Separation Rule

In my POWER category, average turnover is 2h 44m. In Category Rules, I want to set Title Separation to 1h 45m, or even to 1h 50m. But it won’t let me. I set it, I save the changes and when I go back to category rules screen, title separation is 1h 30m again.

This is correct.  M1 will not let you set this rule in such a way that would be near-impossible to obtain.    If a separation is set at 90 minutes…that means there will be a 3 hour “window”…..90 minutes before  the slot where the songs is scheduled and 90 minutes after  it is scheduled. If the turnover is calculated at 2:44….that is very near the 3-hour mark.   Actually, I’m a bit surprised M1 even lets that be set…i would expect it to automatically set it to somewhat less than that time. But, you really don’t need to worry about this because M1 is not going to let the songs in this category schedule too close together anyway…even without that rule.

This is the Power category, so should be first in the scheduling/pass order.  That means songs in this category are almost always going to schedule in 1-2-3 rank order.  All the songs in the group will always get a turnover/repeat of about 2:40 even without any rule to specifically require it. the only things that interfere with this are:
1)  if you do some manual search-and-replace of songs in the category; and
2)  after a “shuffle”.  That changes the card stack order, so the next schedule you run after a shuffle, songs that scheduled in the 11pm hour on the final day before the shuffle, may be at the top of the stack, as M1 starts dropping songs into the midnight hour of the first schedule after the shuffle. To protect against at song that scheduled at, say 11:50 from being re-scheduled very soon after midnight in the new day, Version 7 has the new “repeat percentage” rule that prevents a song from begin re-scheduled until at least X-% of the category has been scheduled since the “previous” play of any song. The default setting is 35%. This new functional rule was installed just to take care of the repeat-too-soon-after-a-shuffle possibility.  So with this rule in force, if a song in Power Current schedules at 11:50 pm on Friday, you shuffle and that song moves to the top of the category stack and would normally be the first Power to schedule in the midnight hour on Saturd, M1 will “hold” it back until 35% of the category has scheduled, meaning that song (with your 2:40 turnover) would probably next get scheduled sometime between 1 and 1:30am.

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