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I’m a bit confused about Sound Codes. What should mine be?

Sound Codes are whatever you want them to be. They are a way for you to “type” certain kinds of songs. some guys have a Sound Code for: Long Songs then they can tell M1 not to schedule more than one of the super-long cuts in an hour, lest it throw off the balance.

I work in the Country format. I have a sound code named: Drinkin’ so I can tell M1 not to schedule two Drinkin’ songs back to back and not to schedule more than 2 an hour.

Use sound codes lightly….if EVERYTHING has a sound code and you put a lot of “don’t play this next to that” rules in, it is possible to get the pipes clogged during scheduling.

Name your sound codes in System Settings on the Attributes tab. When you enter your own names, those names will then show up on the Song Cards.

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