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I have a problem scheduling Female songs…

I have a Run rule of “1” for females, so I get only one in a Row. But sometimes M1 schedules a female on both sides of my spot breaks.  Is this OK?  And, if not how do I prevent it?

Whether or not it’s OK to have two female hits is a row is a matter of opinion.
I don’t think there’s any problem with 2 females in a row myself, but the reason i put some rules on them is a matter of over-all “balance”.

See, in Pop music, Males have about 70% of the hits.  So, I don’t want to schedule more than 2 females in a row because if I get 3 in a row, then for about 12 to 14 minutes, my listeners have heard only females singing. Now, females are great, but a quarter-hour of female singing would not be representative of my overall music mix. I don’t like that so I put some restrictions on females.

To prevent having female songs on both sides of a spot break, on the Clock Rules/Gender screen, put 500  in the Female “Separate” box.   When you tab-out of the field, it will become 5:00.  That means “at least 5 minutes of OTHER content between female songs. Your spot breaks are a maximum of four minutes, so this would be enough separation time to prevent having songs by females from scheduling both before and after the spot break.

When you use the Separate rule, remember to leave the RUN rule box empty as it will not be needed.  You either use the RUN box or the SEPARATE rule, but not both.

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