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Scheduling – Rule Violations During Scheduling

The M1 scheduling algorithm differs from others. It is not rules-heavy. All other schedulers are designed to schedule the full log and highlight problems for the music director edit afterward. Typically they require thirty to sixty minutes of editing each day. M1 can run that way, but it was designed to be inter-active. That is:  log edits are made during the scheduling run rather than afterward. M1 users finish the job in less than five minutes. And the planned spins and song rotations are the most perfect in the business. If you've used other schedulers, it takes a bit of re-orientation; maybe like going from Mac to Windows or vice/versa.  If you've not used a pro scheduler before, then M1 is far and away the easiest to learn and master.  Browse through some of these short videos to see how it runs.
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