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Tell me how the Title Separation rule works.

I see there is a title separation rule for each category. Does that mean that the title separation rule applies to the individual songs in each category, or does it apply universally?

Title separation only applies to songs of same title in “other” categories. if you have “Chattahoochie”  and “Chattahoochie – Live”  both in Power Gold and you have a 4 hour title separation on Power gold, that does not affect the two Chattachoochies within the Power Gold category. If you had one at Rank #1  and the other at Rank #2 in the category card stack….and if your Alan Jackson Artist separation was set at 1 hour…then the second Chattahoochie could schedule  just over an hour after the first one.

Title separation in this example only would come into play if “Chattahoochie – Live”  were in a different category.   The studio version would schedule from Power Gold…then if the Live version were in Secondary Gold, it would be prevented from scheduling within 4 hours (or your setting). Two reasons for this….in the early days we saw too many people setting up something like this:  a Hot Currents rotation with a 3 hour turnover, then applying a 4 hour Title separation to the category and, of course, M1 would begin immediately with title separation problems in the 3am hour.

If both copies of a song are to be in the same category, then just be sure they are well spaced in category Rank order. If you have 300 songs in Power Gold…then there should be about 125 to 150 other songs in the category rank/stack between those two.

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