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Other than by category scheduling, how can I control spins of individual (current) songs within a category?

one of the principles of M1 is that every song in a category get the same number of spins.  the only thing that changes it for a song is hour restrictions.   if you have a category of Currents set up for a 40-spin week and one of the songs is dayparted out of AM drive…17% of the total hours of the 24 hour day…then that song would get about 33-34
spins a week.

at one time we experimented with a percentage rotation function…something that is still available on non-music cards… and it was a mess.  guys were putting 125% on one card, 50% on another, 75% on another….such a thing resulted in wildly erratic, unpredictable rotations and we decided it  was a function that sounded good in the blue-sky but wasn’t worth the trouble down here on earth.

if you have some currents you want to receive fewer spins, i’d try packeting them, putting the packet into Currents.

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