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I’ve got a puzzling rotation problem with LE.

I have a category of ’90s gold that comes up between 2 and 3 times per hour, throughout the day. The category is filled with 131 songs, so the average turnover is about once every 2 days and 8+ hours. However, on my last two scheduling runs I had one song show up on back-to-back days in the same hour.

there is possibility that the Play Flag got out of whack on that card in some way.   that’s the little P you see next to the rank number in the category list. the first song down the list that does not have a P is currently the “top” of the card stack when you start the next  schedule…when every song has a P, then M1 clears the flags and begins at the top of the category again.  in this manner, is ensures that every song in the category will get the same number of plays.
nnow it could be that the song in question was scheduled the previous day…saved in the schedule….then if you edited that schedule and ‘dropped’ the song that the  P got removed, making it eligible for play again almost  immediately.

other possibilty is that the song has much fewer restrictive characteristics….Like maybe a one-shot/one-hit artist with an Uptempo song….he wouldn’t be held back by Artist or Tempo problems….now that alone would not make him move up in scheduling order, but if he were in a category with a bunch songs by big name artists that you are playing a lot of, it could be that those would have more difficult time finding violation-free slots to drop into, thus the one-shot guy got scheduled sooner than normal.

but two things about this….He would not get MORE schedules/spins than the others.  after that “too early” schedule happened, it would be a longer than normal time span before he came up again. and, it would usually take a real big search depth for him to come up again so soon.   Like if there were a hundred songs in the category and the search depth was set at 50+.   that could allow some odd song to sometimes come up  50% sooner than normal….but again, if that happened, then the next time it came up should be, probably 50% “later” than it would normally come up…thus evening out the number of spins in the week/month.

if this doesn’t give you enough to go on to figure it out, let me know and we can get into it more.

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