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I had a song schedule today much sooner than it should. It is in a category with a 5 day turnover. What happened?

You told me you’d shuffled the category just before scheduling today’s playlist.  When you shuffled, you did not have box checked to:  “clear played flags”

that could allow it to happen.  M1 believes you want all songs in a category to get same number of plays. so, as it schedules each one, it keeps an internal play-flag.   when all songs have a play-flag, it then clears them and begins again at the top of the category.

if you did shuffle, but did not clear flags here’s what could happen.

there are 100 songs in category.   song by Jack is at #90 in rank and has not yet been played in this current “pass” thru the list.  it does  not have a “played” flag.  and  10 other songs also do not have played flag.

you shuffle the list and do not clear flags.   song by Jack moves to rank postion #3 in the new shuffle. when you begin the next schedule, there are eleven songs with no flag…..so, M1 schedules those 11 ongs.   then all songs have the flag, so M1 now “clears” the flags and begins scheduling again at the top of the list….now the song by Jack is at the top of the category, so it again gets scheduled promptly.

because the next “pass” thru a category is always a little screwy after a shuffle, i recommend shuffle be done on weekends when listening patterns are much different than on week days.   and always Clear the Flags  when you do a shuffle.

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