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How Do I Make Sure GOLD songs don’t play within the same day part of the previous day?

Look at the Average Turnover chart on the category. the blue squares indicate where any single song from the category would fall over a 2 week period. if you see blue squares in the same daypart over and over, then the best thing to do is to change the number of songs in the category, more or fewer…until you have a pattern that is acceptable, until you see that songs are going to naturally bounce from one daypart to another to another before repeating in any one daypart.

The fall-back rule is on the Category Rules screen. there you’ll see a box “Schedule a song in X dayparts before repeating in any day part.” after you set the rule, click back to the Rotation Chart for the category. if any of the Blue squares have turned into Orange squares, that means the natural rotation of the category is in conflict with the rule. Meaning: the “formula” of the category (number of songs vs. the number of times the category is called for in the format clocks) will have songs coming to the top of the stack again within a daypart before it’s been scheduled in X-number of ‘other’ dayparts. so, the formula of the category would tell M1 “do this” but then the daypart rotation rule would tell M1 “no, don’t do that”. best to get the Category set up for rotation pattern that you approve, then to use the Daypart rotation as the fail-safe trigger.

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