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Counting "Song From Search" Plays

I've talked about this before, there's another post on the blog about it. But the question was asked by a M1 user again this week and the answer bears repeating.

All the plays of songs 'count' as far as history and spin-counts are concerned. If a song is scheduled five times in a month by M1 itself and you also search-and-schedule the song three more times, the song will show a total of eight plays for the month and M1 will never "forget" that.

But there is a different kind of "play count", as well. That is the one M1 uses to properly rotate songs within each Category. If your Gold category is set to have all the songs scheduling six times a month, M1 uses an internal rotational counting system to ensure that happens. It won't normally repeat-schedule a song until every other song in the category has the same/equal number of plays. So, if one song gets its third play of the month on the 15th. the song won't be eligible for scheduling again until every other song in the category has also had three plays this month.

Now this is just for example; M1 doesn't take actual days-weeks-month periods-of-time into this particular equation. The Play Number is the thing, no matter what the specific turnover or repeat-pattern of a Category may be.

The question is: When you do a manual search to find and schedule a song, do you want that to count as a regular rotational play or not? You have the option.

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