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Merging Song Data onto MusicONE Song Cards

Sometimes you may want to import and merge some missing data onto M1 song cards.  This can be done if you have a text file that contains the data fields and also has something M1 can use to match-and-merge.  The best field to match on is the Cart number for each record in your data file. You can also match on Title+Artist.

In this example, my station database had dozens of song cards missing the Tempo or the Gender. I made a work-copy of my station database and moved it onto my office computer where I updated the tempos and genders as I found time. Finished with my updates, I made a report that included three fields: Tempo, Gender and Cart number. It is a .csv report; that is, the data is in a comma-separated text file. Opened with Notepad, it will look like this:  “Cart”,”Tempo”,”Gender”.  I ran the report and saved it to a Dropbox that I share with the station computer in another part of town.

Last step, I logged onto the station computer and merged the missing tempos and genders onto the song cards.


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