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What Is A Format?

As you may know, I’ve been a Radio Guy since forever. In the final years of my career as a programming consultant, I was publishing my weekly playlist advisory on a blog,  SteveWarren.net.  Since I put that aside, the site has been mostly inactive with me posting only six or ten times a year.  I am pushing myself to devote more attention to it because I have a wealth of institutional knowledge to share and the way things have worked out here in American radio, there aren’t many veterans around for young guys to seek for advice about this odd thing, this music radio that we are enamored with.  On that site, I am posting and talking about music radio in general. I’ve recently enabled an Archives page making it easier to peruse past articles. That includes a lot of my Blue Sheet Advisory where I told my clients what was my thinking on the new songs vying for airplay. This site will continue to be MusicONE focused.  Also, we have a third blog for TrafficONE , our traffic-and-billing application.

The article just posted on Steve dot net is a very brief history of the birth of music radio. Before the 1950’s, radio had no ‘format’. Here is a link to the article.

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