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The  Old Thing: Shafer Automation System

“It’s not a computer.  It’s a sequential electronic memory.”  “It costs fifty, sixty thousand dollar.” “It’s not designed to supplant disc jockey’s, but it gives them more time to prepare their shows.”  “It’s never been successful at supplanting humn beings, that’s not to say it couldn’t do that.” Thanks to Don Tlapek at KBCR in Steamboat Springs for sending this link to a six minute YouTube off an old VHS tape from 1975.  The guy is demonstrating one of the early total automation systems. Here’s a link to the video.


For the new thing, I got a call from Oscar Bolsenbroek in the Netherlands this week using CleanFeed. You may already know of this; I did not and it is quite the Wow. Broadcast quality audio.  The homepage slug is: The online studio for live audio and recording. And it is a free service.  (How are they gonna pay the bills?) Here’s the link to CleanFeed

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