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Production Service & Monitoring Service

I heard about the service this week from M1 user Ken Wilkie in California. In short, you can upload a dry/voice-only Liner and, almost immediately, get a fully produced Promo in return. Ken said it’s $70 bucks a month and he thinks that’s a bargain. You can see it here: https://www.phantomproducer.com/

Ken also turned me on to TheAudioLogger . Back in the 90’s, computer’s were first taught how to recognize songs, monitor a radio station 24/7, then make a list of every song a station played. Man, what a great tool! We could literally see the rotations and spin-counts on the other stations competing in our format.  All the better to devise ways to counter-program them. Like, we could confidently say:  We are the ONLY station in town playing THIS record!!  More often our data led to subtle, tactical moves.  If we saw the competitor was, in our judgement, under-playing a new song that we knew was getting early requests and record sales, we might move it into Power Current rotation and ‘bang it to own it’.  The station that got the image of “plays the best new songs” wasn’t the one that played the MOST new songs, it was the one that moved the hottest of hot new songs into Power Current rotation early after the record’s release. So, that service was almost like having our own spy inside the stations.  In the major markets the tab was about $2000 a month.  TheAudioLogger is Ten Bucks a month.  


Important Update For Our PlayoutONE Users.

An elusive bug that seemed to randomly cause M1 to shut down has been trapped and repaired in Revision 784. Click here to read details.


Paul Anka on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast

This was the best interview with a musician I’ve ever heard. I absolutely loved listening to Lefsetz take him through his life and storied career. It is linked on my radio blog:  SteveWarren.net

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