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Artist Trivia Pop-up

I’ve told you all about my discovering OnlineRadioBox earlier this year (’19).  It is a station/stream aggregation site. I found the LPFM of my city on it and was surprised to see the player was showing the title and artist of the current song. Neat trick, because I schedule the music for the station and I do not have the automation system set to deliver the meta-data to the stream. The TuneIN player never shows the title-artist crawl.

I clicked into it today and see Online Radio Box has now added something new, a “quotes” pop-up feature. If something by The Police is playing, there’ll be a quote from Sting. The screenshot below is the first time I saw it. How are they doing it, I don’t know. But, if I were programming a station today, I’d put my webmaster on the project; find out how to do it and get it on my homepage.

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