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Music 1 on a network…Multi-User Mode

When the Music 1 library file it kept in some folder OTHER than the default c:music 1 , then we call it: Multi-user mode. When enabled, M1 then looks to that external folder for the library file whenever it is started.  Multi-user is used when you are running M1 from more than one computer, or when you want to keep your library database in a cloud-backup system such as Dropbox.

When running Music 1 from a single machine, everything is kept in the c:music 1 folder.  If you want to have network access and run M1 from more than once computer, then the station.m1 library file and the Logs folder must be placed in some location on the network. These two can’t remain in the c:music 1 folder.  After the library file and the Logs folder are moved to their new location, there are a couple of steps that need to be taken to tell M1 where to look to find and load the library file.  Here’s a short tutorial.

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If you run M1 in Multi-User mode, you need to use both a master password and a user password. The passwords are not case-sensitive and can be anything you choose, even a simple character.

Multi-User Passwords

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