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I see I’ve got about five years worth of old log files in my M1 Logs folder. What’s the best way to delete them?

First off, the log files are very small so having a zillion of them in the Log folder won’t cause much problem. The don’t slow the scheduler at all.  But the only reason to keep them is to see the Rotation charts for songs.  When you call up a chart, M1 looks to the actual log files to display where the song has played over a 2-week span of time.  If you have log files from two years ago, you could see what the rotation of a song was at any time since then. I look at my rotation patterns a couple times a month to be sure all is in tune. But I really don’t care about anything prior to that.  So, I delete old log files a couple of times a year.

You can do it one of two ways.  First, at the top of the Logs window open the Options menu and select Delete Multiple Logs.  M1 will then delete all but the most recent two weeks files.  I don’t like to do it this way myself because it writes the rotation chart data to all the song cards.  Then we could see what old rotation patterns were for songs, even if the log files are gone.  But, if we do that all the time, the library file can become quite large over time.

The other way is to go directly into the Log folder on the C-drive and manually delete them.  That’s how I do it.  When you hit the delete key, Windows will tell you you’re about to delete read-only files and ask if it’s OK.  It is.

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