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When I import from a .csv, not all of the records are imported.

Everytime I do a re-import of a library export, M1 seems  to process all the files however this time is says that not all files are not imported due to duplicate filename.  It seems to be seeing the cart numbers  in the filename field as duplicate which I don’t quite understand?

When you  re-import, it checks the Artist & Title on the song cards in the database.  If that exact data is already in/on a M1 Song Card, it won’t re-import and make a new song card.  It will, however change the CART field data if that is different from what it already has on the song card with the title and artist (like, if you moved the audio file to a different folder, for example).

the File field doesn’t come into play unless you tell M1 to over-write the field…then it will replace it with ‘new’ data (if the audio file has been moved).

M1 always processes everything in a .csv.   if the .csv has 200 songs in it but only 5 of them are ‘new’,  then it will finish and say “5 songs imported, 195 songs not imported because of duplicate…” On every import it also makes two .csv files of it’s own, as you’ve seen.   One for records imported…one for records not-imported. You can open either of them with notepad or excel or OpenOffice Calc and see the data.

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