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What’s the best way to name my audio files?

Short answer:  Artist-Title
I’m in favor of simplicity and efficiency.  Artist-Title makes it easy to quickly sort all the files in the Windows folder/directory view and the look of each file is clean and uncluttered.

Now some folks want to have the Album as part of the filename, too.  So the name then becomes:  Artist-Title-Album.mp3   That’s ok, if you want to do it that way.  Actually, it’s okay to do it anyway you choose.  None of this makes any real difference to M1.

But remember, the File name is different from the meta-tag data.  The album name needs to go into the tag if you want your playout system to include the album title in the crawl on the listener’s player.  To be sure you know, the file name is something only you see, on your computer, in your folder.  It is the meta-tag data (artist, title, album) that the listener sees.

Every CD ripper software has an option screen where you can set your file naming preferences.

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