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Importing Data from Mp3Tag software

Many webradio operators have their playout systems and all the audio files for their station on a dedicated computer for their broadcast and Music 1 installed on a different computer. In this case, one can’t use the tag reader/importer that is built into M1 because the files are on a different machine. One way to get the needed data from the broadcast computer to the M1 computer is to use free software such as Mp3Tag.

Mp3Tag will export library data to a .csv text file, one that separates the fields with the semi-colon ( ; ). M1 can import data from this type of file, but it needs a script to tell it how to read the file, which data field is which. We have created one of our import definition files for this purpose and will send it to you on request. Below is a video showing how the .idf file is used.

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