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Importing and Merging New Song Data

You may want to update your MusicONE library with some new song characteristics.  In the video below, the station did not have Tempo’s for any of the songs when the library data was first imported and we are merging it onto the Song Cards. In this one we have only two fields of data: The song’s automation cart number and the Tempo.  We link on the Cart number to update and apply the correct Tempo to all the songs.  M1 can update many fields at once with this function.

There are some other, much earlier posts on the blog about this subject. Those show how to import from text files that have different formats such a fixed-width (also called:  position dependent ).   The best and most accurate way to exchange data is with delimited files, either tab or bar ( | ) delimited, or comma-separated files which most often have an extension of  .csv .  The most fool-proof .csv files include quotes like this:
If the .csv has only the comma like this:
then a song a song title with a comma in it will cause a mis-read.  If You Love Me, Let Me Know would import an Artist named:  Let Me Know

Should you need to do this, you can give it a go without fear of screwing anything up beyond repair. Updating things with longer names, such as Sound Codes can be a little tricky and you may need some guidance from us then.


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