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Can I run Music 1 from different computers on our station network?

Yes. Here’s how to set it up.  First you must place the (station).m1 library file into some folder OTHER THAN the Music 1 folder where
the library normally resides. On your server, I suggest creating a folder named  M1 Data put your station.m1 file into that folder and put your Logs sub-folder, too.

Install Music 1 itself on each of the desktops.  Start M1 on one of the desktops and at the opening “select a database” screen, click the Network button and negotiate to the server, to the M1 data folder, and from there select and open your station.m1 library file.  This let’s M1 make its required Dailybak folder within that one.  Then quit M1.  Next, start it again and this time at the “select a database” screen, open the Options menu and select “multi-user mode” Then click the Network button and negotiate to the Music 1 data folder on the servers and open the library file.

From this point on, when you start M1 on this machine, it will always look to the server to find and open the database.   Now, go to the other destkop/workstation and start M1 there.  At the openign screen, open the Options menu, select multi-user mode, then click the Network button and negotiate to the station.m1 file and open it from this machine.  It will now be set so that whenever you launch M1 from either computer, they’ll be lo0king to the M1 data folder on the server.

One thing to remember:  Only ONE computer can have read/write control of M1 at a time.  If your music director is working with M1, you won’t be able to open the database and make any adjustments.  As soon as she closes out, you can start M1 on your machine, then you will have read/write control.

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