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Voice Track – Auto Numbering

When your announcers are voice tracking from remote locations and when your automation system is not one that allows them to record the VT's directly into player itself, here's a way to get the task done without making mistakes. A lot of stations have to do it this way: First you email the playlists for their upcoming shifts.  Second, they record their raps, intros and backsells and name/date the individual audio files in a certain way and then they ftp or email them back to you.  You insert them the way it has to be done into the automation system.  To be sure you don't hear one of the announcers intro'ing Springsteen going into an Elton John song you have to number and line up the VT's in the order they are to play. That can be a lot of busy-work and trouble. Music 1 can do the job quite easily.  It takes just a single category and that one goes onto all the format clocks.   The 3 minute video below show how it was done on one station.  The name-date-number system can be customized to fit the way any automation system needs it done. Once you have it set up, it's flawless.  The right tracks always schedule in the hour slots where they are supposed to be.

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