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Formatting Tempo’d Jingles

Long ago, we called them “Transition Jingles.”  Maybe that’s still the moniker, it’s been a long time since I ordered jingles.  My jingle package from Dallas included jingles that started Fast and ended Slow; started Slow and ended Fast, started Medium and ended Medium; all the combinations. So, if you were segueing from a soft Carole King ballad into a rocker by Bad Company, the Slow-to-Fast Jingle made for a smother mix in the ear. Recently one of our stations called to ask how to get M1 to properly schedule those Transition Jingles.  Here’s how:

All of the Tempo’d jingles can be in one Non-music category.  You must change the category rules in your Jingles categories as follows (see picture, below):

1. Set the Scheduling mode to Rotate with multiple choices.
2. Set the number of choices to the number of tracks in the category.
3. Set the minimum repeat play percent to 10%.

If you do this then the correct tempo jingles schedule and they rotate as well.

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