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Formatting Syndicated Shows – Wolfman Jack

Most syndicated programs can be formatted and scheduled using just one Category and one Format Clock. Weekly shows like the Wolfman Jack show in our demonstration most always have a specific number of segments per hour.  With this one, there are five segments each hour and it’s a five hour show. There are 25 audio Cards in the MusicONE category. The cards are scheduled in Rank order; Cards/Segments 1 to 5 in the first hour, 6 to 10 in the second hour, etc.

After the audio cards are imported into M1, the Cart number/UID for each segment never changes. Each week the station’s automation system imports the the new week’s show, overwriting the audio of each segment.  With our PlayoutONE (in this video) the update function is a one-time setup and the audio updates are automatic. If your automation system can’t be set up to do it automatically, it has to be done manually.


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