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A Primer On Three Formatting Basics

We've had quite a few new stations join the MusicONE gang in the past year and while M1 is certainly the easiest of the pro schedulers to learn and master, there are a number of important things that should be considered as the station's formatting structure is constructed and maintained.  Linked below are three older blog posts about three of the most common tripping-points people encounter.

Power Oldie Rotation - What To Look For
We're playing the same songs over and over and we need to mix'em up in such a way that it doesn't sound like we are playing the same songs over and over.

Artist Separation – History, Theory and Music Radio Today
It seems every top artist is now doing duets and guest appearances on the new songs of every other artist. How important is Artist separation and what should it be?

Shuffling Categories Update
After you have it set-up and properly formatted, there is usually little need to shuffle the category very often. Really, the only real reason to shuffle is to avoid predictability. That's when loyal listeners might begin to notice that "...every time I hear that song, seems like this other one comes up right near it."

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