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How can I put some empty space onto the clocks to make room for announcer talk?

that’s a good question and M1 has a good solution. normally every item you put on a format clock will be scheduled to start immediately at the end of the item that precedes it.  so, if you have a song that is followed by a Promo…if the song ends at 1:15:23, then the promo will be given a start time of 1:15:23
but, if you wish, you can leave some space, a gap, for announcer talk.  you could give the Promo a “Fixed” start time…perhaps 17:00. to do that, you open the Promo Category…then open the Card in the Category…and click the Start Time tab…enter your ‘nominal start time’, then click: Enable Fixed Start Time….also click a check into the box labeled:  Leave Gap Until Nominal Start Time.

also on that window are fields for “earliest” and “latest” start time.  Using those fields you could tell the Promo it could start as early as, say, 16:30 and as late at 17:30.  this might be handy because you never know in advance exactly when the previous song is going to end.  in the event that a few ‘long’ songs get scheduled in the first part of the hour before this break, that Promo might be pushed later in the hour and be scheduled to start at, maybe 17:05.  likewise, if it happened that several ‘short’ songs came to be scheduled prior to the promo on a particular day, then you might want the Promo (and Gap) to occur a bit earlier.  in this example, if you had earliest start time at 16:30 and then in a particular hour the song went past that and ended at 16:35, then the Promo would be scheduled for a 16:35 start time, no gap would/could be scheduled.  experiment with this a bit and you’ll quickly figure how it works best for you.
you can format any number of gaps in your hour clocks and leave plenty of time for live announcer talk as needed

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