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Can I set it so the hour will never end with a song that has a “cold” ending?

the best way to do that is to create a category, maybe name it something like:  “Closers”  and put only songs that end with a fade into the category. that is the most efficient way.
another way would be to create a sound code…name it “closer” or “fade” and assign it to all songs with fade endings. then you can change the final category on the clocks from “song from rotation” to “song from search”. you then click the Attributes tab, select the “closer” sound code and then M1 will search and find only songs with that characteristic to schedule there.  you can tell the Song-From-Search item to search from within any category, or from several Categories.
I don’t favor this second way because it can lead to some inconsistent rotations on those kinds of songs.  How so?  Let’s say you have a category named Secondary Gold and it is the last category in the hour.  within Secondary Gold, 50% of the songs are “closers”.  you may use Secondary Gold a couple of more times in the hour in other positions.  in those positions, M1 will be selecting from and playing all of the songs in Secondary Gold.  but in the final position in the hour, it will be digging into Secondary Gold and only selecting from half of the titles…the ones that have the closer characteristic. And now those songs are going to be played more frequently than the 50% that have Cold ending.  so, if your category rotation (as seen on the Average Turnover grid) shows that songs in the Secondary Gold are going to repeat every 4 and a half days, the “closers” may then begin to repeat much quicker, maybe every 3 and a half days.  this may be okay with you, but if you do it this way keep an eye on your rotation grids for those songs to be sure things don’t get too erratic

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